Take advantage of our Promotional Website Program:
For small businesses, professional practices and entrepreneurs, a website from Pricester.com is the answer for the most cost-effective solution to a professional looking Internet presence. Pricester’s popular promotional website program gives you the website you want—at a price you can really afford! A website creates credibility for your company by showing customers that you are a real business. Today, clients actually expect a reliable company to have a website, and they will search on the Internet to learn more about you. Our promotional website package will give you the look you need to make customers confident in dealing with you—and that can add up to more business. Pricester understands that small business owners want and need a website, but usually have a very limited budget. Our philosophy in offering a promotional website package is to provide a professionally customized website at a mere fraction of what most other companies charge! Businesses can easily afford our promotional websites…and you can too!

A word about Pricester…
Pricester.com, Inc.  specializes in small business website development and associated services for clients throughout the United States and other countries including England, Canada and Mexico—who have all taken advantage of the cost efficiency and quality that our website programs offer. Along with a great looking website, you’ll enjoy live customer support with a friendly help-focused atmosphere catering to small business owners. Pricester’s website clients truly appreciate our sense of responsibility and value delivery!

What does it cost for a Pricester Website?
With our popular promotional website program, you pay a small one-time setup charge of only $295 for a (3) pages website and a competitive Internet Hosting & Maintenance Monthly Nominal Fee. This monthly fee also includes basic changes to the website like pictures or text. After that, your can continue to host your website with Pricester at the same rate, or cancel the hosting with no further obligation your website always belongs to you!

Pricester is a full-service website development company. In addition to our promotional website program we naturally offer more advanced websites at additional cost, but always very competitively priced well below other design firms! In fact, other website development and marketing companies actually recommend Pricester to clients operating with limited budgets! No matter what type or size website you need, you can count on Pricester to deliver a great product and reliable service…at an unbeatable price.


Multi-Page Website
A beautiful and professionally customized 3-page website with plenty of room to promote your business with pictures and text.

Customized Visitor Information Form
Prospects can fill in their contact information and other details about the business services or products they need—a great potential lead-generator automatically sent to your email.

Internet search engine submission
Your promotional website is submitted to the major search engines including: Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, Alta Vista, Lycos, plus hundreds of minor directories, and we re-submit your website every month a very important service!

Embedding of Metatags
Metatags are the keywords and key phrases about your business that we embed behind your promotional website, allowing search engines to properly index your website. It’s the basic optimization you need. Others charge extra, Pricester includes this!

No-Charge Extras
Your promotional website includes many optional features such as eye-catching flash-animated areas, or links to other businesses and associations you deal with, to add interest and depth to your business website. People will think you’ve spent a bundle!

Need more than this?
We have Additional Features Available, Click Here for more information.
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Pricester.com specializes in, but is not limited to creating custom website design for individual whether it’s a small business or organizations. We pride ourselves in catering to all of our client needs, and wants. Our mission is to design a website that suits your needs. We will create a site that will drive internet traffic to your website. Contact Us today to set up a free Web Design or SEO Consultation.