What additional features does Pricester can add to my website?

We have many different features that can add to your website, one of the most important is SEO. When potential clients are searching the internet for your type of service, they typically type in a keyword phrase instead of just one single word. In fact, 58% of search queries are three words or longer.Our team initiates thorough research regarding the history of your company’s particular field and its current market value. We create an action plan and determine the timing of each step for an advanced search engine optimization.

Here are the other Additional Features & Services:

» Calendar
» Web Poll
» Time & Date
» Time Counter
» Google Maps 
» Shopping Cart
» Website Gallery
» Youtube Videos
» Additional Pages
» Music on your website
» Adsense Optomization
» Form Setup Customization
» Simple Contact Form or Survey
» Business Email Setup (
» Logo, Business Card, Postcard, Brochure Designs & Printing
» Website Marketing and SEO to list website on (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc)

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Additional Features & Services

Pricester begins with a research and analysis of your mission, target audience, and your competitors. We offer the custom web design touch that provides credibility and most importantly meets your needs. We also excel at creating graphic designs for all your printing needs. Our smooth project execution process and excellent customer service make starting a new or redesigning a breeze.
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